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may 25: sprouts, sprouts!

As usual, I walked out onto the balcony this morning and found reason to stay out there for hours. Griffin even came out for a bit, too.

Lots of photos today!

The European mesclun salad mix seeds from Baker Creek are coming up first. So exciting to see new shoots!

 The morning glories are doing so well, too!

Everything's busy growing...

And some repotting happened.

I spent some time planting portulaca cuttings. Apparently, they should root in two weeks' time.

Here's two impatiens cuttings from my mom's garden in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm been trying to root them for a while now. They have bent stems from being in glassware.

I stuck the 'Blue Spruce' sedum cuttings that were doing so well in root trays in with this repotting of succulents.

A small but exciting harvest of borage leaves! Maybe I'll put these in a salad tomorrow.

The mysterious sidewalk plant has yet to be identified, but I love taking photos of it.

Here's a last picture of Griffin out on…

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